Samsung Milk Music

Samsung has announced that they will be shutting down Milk Music as of Sept 22nd, 2016. You may migrate your Samsung account over to Slacker Radio so that you can keep all of your stations and favorite songs. If you do so, we will also provide you a 2 week trial of our Radio Plus for free (no charges will occur).

Here are some answers to common questions Milk Music users may have regarding migrating their account, subscriptions or using Slacker Radio.


How do I migrate my Milk Music account to Slacker Radio:

In order to migrate from Samsung Milk Music to Slacker Radio and have all of your favorites and stations carried over you need to open up the Milk Music application on your phone.   Then click on the "Try Now" button located on the Service Announcement within the Milk Music Application.   This will take you to a page where you can enter/create your Slacker account and migrate your music.  Once you do that, it will let you know you are migrated and allow you to "Listen Now".    


How do I locate my stations/favorite songs after I have migrated to Slacker Radio?

Once your account has successfully been migrated from Samsung to Slacker, all of your favorite songs and stations are waiting for you in your Slacker Account under the "My Music" section (and then going to Custom Stations for your custom stations or Songs for your favorite songs).

If you are not seeing your stations showing up in the Slacker application now, then please go into the Settings of your Phone, then go to Applications (or Applications manager) and find the Slacker Application. Click on that to open up the Applications page, and then click on the "Force Stop" option. Once you have done that, then go and open up the Slacker Application now and your stations should be showing up.


How do I get my 2 week free trial of Radio Plus?

Once you have migrated your account from Samsung to Slacker, then your Slacker account will automatically have the Radio Plus trial associated with it.  You do not need to do anything further to activate it.   The Radio Plus Trial will remove the ads, remove the skip limits and allow for downloading of Radio Stations.   Please note that Slacker Radio has a subscription level above Radio Plus that provides features not available on Milk Music.  If you try to use a feature that requires a higher subscription than Radio Plus you will be prompted to let you know that you would have to upgrade to use that feature.


Will my Milk Music subscription transfer to Slacker Radio?

Subscriptions billed by Samsung Milk Music can not be transferred to Slacker. Milk Music will keep your subscription active until the next renewal date. Upon the new renewal date, instead of renewing, the subscription will end. So you will be able to use the full value of your Subscription through Milk Music.

As part of the migration to Slacker, if you choose to migrate, we will provide your Slacker account with 14 days of Radio Plus so you can try out Slacker with all of your Milk Music saved to it. If you decide to upgrade at the end of the 14 days, you can do so by pressing the upgrade button within the Slacker App and you will be buying a subscription through Slacker Radio at that time.


I have questions about how to use Slacker Radio?

If you have questions about using Slacker Radio, then please check out our FAQ's on using Slacker Radio found HERE


I can't locate the Slacker Radio icon on my phone to launch the application?


Any application that has been installed from the Google Play Store will have an icon on your phone.  Normally it would be on your home screen if you just installed it.  In some situations though, Slacker Radio is actually preloaded by your Phone Carrier, and they may locate the Icon in a folder in your Apps section.  For example Verizon may put it in the "Verizon" folder or even the "Media" folder depending on your phone.


If you are not seeing the Icon in the main list of Apps on your phone, then that means that the icon was preloaded into a Folder on your apps list so look through the folders to locate where your carrier may have put it.


Can I listen to Slacker Radio for Free or do I have to buy a subscription?

Slacker Radio can be listened to as a Free (basic) user.   If you do not want to pay, and want to listen for free, then once the 2 weeks of Radio Plus trial ends, your account will go back to the Free level.  You will have ads and skip limits as a free user, but you are free to listen as long/often as you want as a free user.


What subscriptions does Slacker Radio Offer?

Slacker Radio has 2 subscriptions that we currently offer (in addition to our Free Basic usage).  

Radio Plus - $3.99 a month is the same subscription as Milk Music Premium.   It removes the ads, removes the skip limits and allows for you to download Radio Stations for Offline Playback.

Premium Radio - $9.99 a month has all of the features of Radio Plus, and also includes the ability to play Songs or Albums on Demand.  To create Playlists and the ability to download Playlists and Albums for offline usage.  (please note that Milk Music did not offer a subscription equivalent to Slacker Premium Radio).


Can I pay via Credit Card instead of adding the monthly subscription to my Cell Phone Bill?

Yes, if you would like to pay via Credit Card, you can do that by going to our website on your computer and purchasing the subscription via the website directly.    For more information about purchasing via Credit Card on your computer, please check out our upgrades page on your computer at 


I'm having Technical issues or have a question not answered in any of the FAQ's?

If you are having problems that you are unable to resolve on your own through the FAQ's here, then please feel free to contact Slacker Radio Customer Support directly.  We are available via email at or via Livechat at