How do I sign into my Slacker Radio account on the Xbox 360 app?

  1. Go to MusicMy Music Apps, and then Slacker Radio.
  2. Sign in to the app.
  3. A code is displayed on your screen.
  4. On your computer go to
  5. Enter the code from your console in the Activate widow, and then click Activate.
  1. You are prompted to sign in or create a new account.

If you create a new account, you will get a free account that plays intermittent ads. Slacker Radio offers two paid accounts for a subscription fee. These provide more content and no ads. For all transactional account support, please contact Slacker Radio.

Slacker Radio accounts can only stream content to one device at a time per account.

After you have signed in, you will not be prompted again unless you sign out from the Slacker Radio app on your console.