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Is Slacker Radio available in Canada?

Rome E.
posted this on January 4, 2013, 12:31

Slacker Radio is available in Canada.

Canadian residents may enjoy music from our professionally programmed Genre stations, or use our Station Creator to create any number of custom stations. You may try out Slacker Basic Radio, enjoying access to the entire music library* and station list, but limited to 6 songs skips per hour and other limitations of the free Slacker service. Slacker Radio Plus Subscription includes unlimited song skips, no advertisements, unlimited song requests for creating stations, station caching for supported mobile applications and more. For more information on Subscriptions please check out our Subscriptions page:

Slacker in Canada can be played on the Web by using a supported browser and going to

Supported Browsers:

-Firefox 15.0+

-IE 8.0+



Required Plugins:

Flash 11+


A High Speed Internet Connection is suggested for best performance.

In addition to our website, Canadian residents will have access to Slacker via our Mobile Platforms as they become available for the BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone/iPod Touch devices. It is strongly recommended that you have an unlimited data plan (or similar) as the Slacker Radio application will consume large quantities of data over your mobile connection. In addition, with a Slacker Radio Plus subscription and a supported mobile platform, you may cache (stored directly to your handset) stations to be played off-line to reduce the amount of data that you use. You can get more information about these devices from:



iPhone/iPod Touch

Palm WebOS

Windows Mobile 6.5

Windows Phone 7

We do not currently sell or support the Slacker Portable Devices outside of the US. Only the above devices/services are supported in Canada at this time.

Not all features or offers are available in Canada. Certain offeres are only available to US Residents such as "Get Ringtones".

*Music available is dependent on licenses with the record lables/publishers. Licenses may vary between different territories, and as such, not all songs may be available in all areas.

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